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Hello, I'm Titus Utecht. I have been blessed to be called to serve as pastor of SOLC since July 2020. I grew up in a great place called Rosebud, SD (you would probably know it better as The Middle of Nowhere). Some time near my senior year of high school I decided that since I was a Christian, I might as well read through the whole Bible. The time spent in God's Word put in me the desire to become a pastor, and now God has graciously brought me here to serve. (I challenge you to read your Bible and see where God leads!) Along the way I met Rianne, the beautiful and joyful girl who became my wife. God has given us a blessing which is never boring, sometimes hectic, but always joyful blessing in our four daughters Akyra, Hephzibah, Zephyra, and Alaytheia (you get extra treasures in heaven if you can correctly remember and spell all of my daughters' names). In our free time, we enjoy reading, learning, camping, and occasionally trying to be a fisher of fish instead of just a fisher of men. (For better or worse, I usually have better luck with the latter.)

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Church Staff

Mike Renneker
Music & Media
Asmik Gyulderyan
Liz Rickertson
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